Talks / Seminars


We believe that evangelizing and sharing knowledge is a large part of our mission.  For this we can bring various seminars / talks for your audiance.  Each talk ideally has a 45 to 60 minute slot split up in a 30 minute presentation, leaving the rest for questions / discussion afterwards.

Following talks / seminars are currently available in our portfolio.

Seminar one :


Summary :

Copy protections are everywhere. On music, movies, games, pretty much everything that is digital. But where did it start ? Not on your C64 in 1982 or any other home computer from that but in the Arcades of the early 80s. This seminar covers the copy protection scheme's of way back then and how they influence the world today... From angry letters over encryption to planned system suicide and improvised software rental.

Audience : People interested in retro gaming, computer security, open source software and licensing.


Seminar two :


Summary :

Arcade machines are a thing of magic. You push a button and your ship fires a bullet, your hero kicks the ass of a bad guy, your ninja teleports into magic. But how does the machine do that? And specially...

  • How do you make YOUR arcade machine do that ?
  • How does the button connect to the screen and how can you build one yourself?

Forget the 5 million Internet pages explaining it wrong and unclear, here's how it actually works.

Audience : Retro gamers, Arcade collectors, Home-arcade builders.


Seminar three :


Summary :

Low balltimes? No idea what to do? Too many blinkenlights? We'll help you! 

Starting with a walkthru of terminology the basic moves are up first increasing difficulty in execution and skill level.  Where applicable we'll pull in some real world examples and try to mention some games you might have onsite so that you can go out and test that new knowledge right away.

Audience : Pinball enthousiasts, Arcade gamers


Interested in one of these seminars and have us present it ?  No problem !  We'll be happy to come over to your location and do your presentation, sharing the knowledge that we have gathered over the years.

Is there a cost attached to this ?  No, the seminar is presented free of chargem, however do ask a compensation for Travel and Expenses (T&E).  If the distance is over 150km from Westerlo sleeping accomodation can be requested - this depends on the location and when during the day the seminar is scheduled.  To give you an idea, that is all areas east of Aachen (Germany), north of Utrecht (Netherlands) or south of Lille (France).

Equipment required for the seminar is a video beamer that can handle at least 1024 x 768 with VGA or HDMI input, a pin-on or 'madonna' microphone - preferably wireless and a 2nd microphone for questions from the audiance.  Recording the seminar is allowed.

We do our seminars in English or Dutch - slides are in English and mention the Rastermania website with URL and logo, among others.

Want to know more ? Contact us for details.

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